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Studying abroad can be a life-changing decision for you if you have selected the right college or university pertaining to your profile. We at Even Overseas offer unbiased recommendation for universities abroad as unlike many consultancies, we do not partner with any universities.


Finding the right course and university is a tedious and difficult decision especially for the first-time aspirants as you have a pool of options to choose from. By saying that, our team of experts offer free counselling at the beginning of your application process so that you are on the right track. It begins with matching your profile with the right course and universities where you have higher chances of getting admission and continues till you have received the acceptance letter from your preferred college. We guide you step by step with the whole application process that includes a series of documentation, approvals, and finally acceptance. Our transparent and unbiased approach has made us one of the leading consultants for overseas career among aspirants.


We understand that a lot goes in for planning and pursuing overseas education. It includes your time, money, hope, and goal; and, as we always say, your goal is our aim. All you need to do, is, talk to us about your career goal, and our team of professionals who have gained expertise in counselling and admission for studying abroad for many years now, would take it up from there and will be with you till you have the offer letter in hand from your preferred university. We are known for our unbiased recommendation for course and university selection. Our motto is to serve students and not universities.


Professional counselling in selecting the right course and universities for free

Complete support from choosing the right course through the entire application process

Coaching for standardized tests required for admission (GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS/SAT/PTE)

Securing student visa and other documentation

Assistance on SOP/LOR that would strengthen your application

Personalized guidance (as and when required)

Travel and Immigration assistance

Post-landing support

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    Visitor Visa, PR Visa – Skill Migration, Student Visa & Admission, Graduate Work Visa

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    Student Visa & Admission Counselling


    Why should I study abroad?

    Better career prospects, higher salary, an improved lifestyle in a multi-cultural environment, and global exposure. You will see a marked growth in yourself both personally and professionally when we pursue overseas education. An opportunity to study and interact with people coming from all across the globe pertaining to different backgrounds will be a life-changing experience for you. Besides, once you graduate from an accredited international university, your career will skyrocket like the way you have dreamt of.

    How do I get a scholarship?

    Read the funding possibilities in the universities website to know more about their scholarship details. Universities have various forms of scholarships available for international students and you need to qualify for them. You can also write to the admissions/funding department to know more about the scholarship opportunities. A good score in the standardized test along with a higher GPA set you ahead in the queue of obtaining scholarship.

    How do I know about my eligibility criteria?

    Every university has their eligibility criteria mentioned under the category of admission requirements. Based on that, you need to analyze your profile and eligibility.

    What are the entry requirements for studying abroad?

    The entry requirements vary from country to country and university to university. You need to read the prospectus to be able to know more about the requirements. However, the English language test such as TOEFL/IELTS is required for admission to any university. And the rest of the standardized tests depend on the courses and countries. For example, for an undergraduate degree in the US, you need to qualify with SAT. For graduate degree you need GRE and for MBA you may require GMAT. GMAT is recognized by majority of the countries for MBA admission.

    When should I start planning for pursuing an academic career abroad?

    Pursuing overseas education is not an easy task and cannot be done overnight. You need atleast a year of research, preparation, application, and travel ready for the same. Start by doing an extensive research on the colleges on universities based on your academic interest, course requirement, tuition cost, country you would wish to migrate, culture and living cost of the place, and possibilities of getting a scholarship.