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Vista Visa

Applying for a visa can be tedious and intimidating if you try doing it by yourself considering the infinite series of documentation to be done. One small mistake, and your entire effort will be in vain. Thus, we are here to do everything for you from start to end ensuing you a hassle-free experience in obtaining a visit visa within the shortest possible time. Every country has their own rules and regulations for people visiting them as tourists and hence, the range of formalities. Also, you won’t find all the correct information on documents in the website of tourist visa for the desired country. Sometimes, you need to produce additional documents for a smooth clearance of your visa and we at MS Reddy is skilled at acquiring it.


Visit visa or tourist visa is a category of visa which is given to people who wish to visit a certain country for a while either for tourism purpose or visit a relative. You can stay up to a period of six months with this visa in most of the countries during each of your visits. However, once you have a visit/tourist visa, you can visit the country multiple times.


We have a team of experts who work regularly in acquiring visit visa for multiple countries. We have every information ready at the tip of our finger and assure you a hassle-free, best-in-class service with the entire procedure. Starting from documentation checklist to application process to interview prep up, we do everything for you. You will have a dedicated personnel who would guide you step by step through the entire process. We have a high success rate in acquiring visa and solving complex visa cases.


  • Documentation checklist, cover letter, and forms
  • Mock interviews
  • Application filing and process
  • Submission of documents and collecting the passport once stamped
  • We have been an overwhelming response for our services from our clients that motivated us in introducing advanced technology in the entire visa application process for a faster and smoother result.


  • We have a high success rate in successfully filing visa applications for thousands of candidates
  • We have a team of experts who has gained years of experience and popularity in ensuring hassle-free visa acquiring experience
  • You will have a dedicated person who would guide you through the entire process
  • We have a centralized documentation system that assures a faster visa application procedure and stores all your information in one place for better access

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    Visitor Visa, PR Visa – Skill Migration, Student Visa & Admission, Graduate Work Visa

    Visitor Visa, Work Visa, PR Visa – Express Entry ,
    Student Visa & Admission Counselling


    How long does it take to get a visitor/tourist visa?

    Usually you get it within 3-5 weeks but again it primarily depends on the country you are visiting. Every country has their own regulation and time period for acquiring a tourist visa.

    What is the visa application process for a tourist visa?

    You undergo the following steps to acquire a tourist visa:

    • Fill the Electronic Tourist Visa Application form
    • Make a payment of the fee for Visa application
    • Schedule appointment for the Visa interview at the Embassy
    • Attend the Visa interview at the Embassy on the scheduled time and date

    How much does a visit visa cost?

    Depends on the country you are visiting. For US, it is approximately 160 USD.